Fishbone Gasket 

Fishbone gasket is the most advance and reliable gasket available in the UK and the world today. Fishbone gasket has the lowest leak rate of any gasket ever tested and the only gasket on the market that is designed to adapted to pressure changes in your system without live loading/Disc springs .

Fishbone gasket is the only gasket you will ever need.

Let us show you why . Fishbone gaskets is now exclusively available in the new Zealand form Motutere Trading.

     Benefits & Advantages

  • Internally self-energized  by fluid pressure for better sealing performance

  • Interchangeable with all spiral wound and Camprofile gaskets

  • Will not damage flange like Camprofile and spiral wound gaskets

  • Prevents over-compression of sealing element

  • Up to 1000 °C

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Certification & tests 

Materials Testing Institute
University of Stuttgart
University of Stuttgart.png
Materials Testing Institute
University of Stuttgart
Chevron Fugitive Emission Test (CFET)
Fugitive Emissions gasket test.png
API 6FB Fire Test Report 
API Fire test.png


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